International Arbitration

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Validity funds two types of international disputes: disputes involving private parties and disputes against sovereign states under treaties.  The great bulk of international arbitration arises from agreements to arbitrate disputes across borders, rather than resort to the national courts of one or the other party.  In short, arbitration clauses in commercial contracts.  These disputes often involve small and mid-sized companies against global giants.  Validity funding simply evens the playing field, and ensures that the claimant will have counsel that is at least as proficient as respondent, if not better.  The second type of dispute deals with bilateral treaty claims against states for expropriation or wrongful conduct against investors of a second state.  While sovereigns typically wield tremendous resources, again, with funding, an investor can pursue any state for wrongdoing.  And collect against assets which may be located around the world.

Why Validity?

Validity’s founder, Ralph Sutton, helped draft the 2018 ICCA-Queen Mary guidelines for funding of international arbitrations.  No other U.S. funder was chosen for this task.  He and the rest of the Validity team are experts in the nuances of international claims.

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