We are here to share your risk.

From the moment you connect with the team at Validity Capital, you will notice things are different. You will immediately work with experienced trial attorneys who are committed to fair and ethical funding.

Hear what our clients have to say about working with us:

What corporate counsel say about working with Validity:

“This is a great team. They all have tremendous backgrounds that make them industry savants. Things move efficiently with this team and they are always available. I truly feel they are part of my legal team.

“They actually negotiate and worked toward my best interest. It was a simple, transparent process. The people at Validity are exceptional from top to bottom.

“The Validity team answered all my questions in clear English and worked alongside my lawyers to make sure my case would be heard on its merits. I knew they were taking on the same risks as we were and would even provide capital to keep my business thriving.


What law firm partners say about working with Validity:

We partner with Validity because they genuinely put clients first. Not only do they help us share risk by matching our fee investment dollar for dollar, they focus on collaboration and transparency for everyone involved.”

I had done some work with other funders but Validity is the best. Everyone is great, straightforward, trying to be flexible where they can be. Some funders are overly corporate. Every change will be too bureaucratic. Others are too fly by night—no bureaucracy but they don’t make the grade. Validity strikes a good balance.”

“I found the process fair, balanced, and equitable…Everyone is responsive.”

“[Validity is] flexible, smart, and sensitive to all sides of the deals. Always super responsive, and thoughtful.”

“Validity was always different [from other funders]. The terms were always fair. What mattered to me more than anything was transparency and trustworthiness…You really are the best in class…This is one of the most valuable relationships we have.”

Amongst funding agreements, it was the most fair and balanced…and demonstrated the partnership mentality as opposed to the ‘opposite sides of the table’ [approach].”


What Chambers USA reports about Validity:

“The practice attracts favourable appraisals from sources who have insight into its capabilities, pointing to its ability to inspire satisfaction and trust. A source expresses ‘a high degree of confidence’ in the team, which is further recommended for its ‘clear answers,’ depth of experience, and strength in ‘selecting cases.’ [Validity] is described as ‘a strong operator’ that is ‘on the vanguard of creative funding arrangements,’ and…its provision of a ‘personal touch’…is singled out as a valued attribute.”

“Further commentary indicates that the firm is well regarded by the wider market. Sources acknowledge its presence in the field, and its advisors are described as ‘fantastic players.’ It is considered one of ‘the key funders’ in the market and is routinely named alongside established firms in this area; an interviewee recognises it as one of the ‘best new funds.’”

“It is also evident that the firm is well regarded on the IP front. It is said to be among ‘the group of funders passionate to be investing in patent’ and one of ‘the real big names in IP.’ A source describes it as ‘a very well-respected shop’ in the area, while its increasing undertaking of IP matters is also recognised.”

What market sources quoted in Chambers USA report about Validity:

“[Ralph Sutton] is very, very highly respected both in funding at large and also the IP space. His team is very strong at selecting cases and doing their diligence. They are very secure and able to distinguish between strong cases and not so strong cases.”

“I value their giving people clear answers in a quick timeframe. Validity has a committee but is still very quick and makes bigger investments. They appear to be on the vanguard of creative funding arrangements particularly with how they work with law firms to share risk and upside.”

“I feel very comfortable with them and have seen it with what has been put on the table. They are also very good in the arbitration space. They do great due diligence.”

We’re committed to transparency and fairness.

From the minute a client signs up with Validity, we prepare a secure collaboration portal where clients can track the progress of their cases including key legal milestones, funding budgets, and lawyer hours. You should know in real time how your case is moving ahead.