Portfolio & Law Firm Financing

How Can We Help?

Law firms have begun to realize the power of portfolio financing.  If your firm has an existing group of cases or wishes to build a portfolio, we can help.  Like other funders, we can finance up to half of the fee and cost budgets of a basket of cases.  This frees up capital for the firm’s other financial needs.  Unlike other funders, since we are spreading our own risk, we typically offer lower portfolio financing than other funders, increasing the firm’s profitability and realization rate for the firm’s entire litigation practice.  And, because our investment is with the firm not in the cases, firm management can choose to use capital for broader strategic purposes—such as hiring lateral lawyers, expanding offices into new markets or covering fixed fee overruns.

Why Validity?

Our management developed portfolios over 12 years ago.  More importantly, we made them simple. We also pay close attention to the ethical rules that apply to lawyers.  And insist that all our law firm clients understand our perspective so that there are no reputational risks to the firm.  As part of our Client-First focus, we craft bespoke solutions for your firm’s unique needs. Enabling you to serve clients better.
We aim to be your portfolio partner from day one.

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