Special Situations

How Can We Help?

Validity thrives on solving problems for our clients.  Our Special Situation solutions are tailored for unique, complex and bedeviling situations.  Our Special Situations approach may be as simple as capital provided to funding professionals and companies at far better rates than LPs.  Or it may require an out-of-the-box solution.  For the latter, we convene a strategic meeting, recruiting a range of professionals from Validity’s own ranks of senior advisors, as well as our network to develop creative solutions that help change the playing field for client’s legal and business challenges.  Often, these solutions require capital, in addition to insight and expertise.  With our returns flowing only from litigation, we take problem solving to a new level.

Why Validity?

Validity’s principals and advisors have more experience than nearly all the litigation funding teams in the US, or globally for that matter.  Our extended network includes private equity, economists, lobbyists client engagement experts and public perception professionals.  We welcome the difficult.

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