Working Capital

How Can We Help?

To paraphrase Hobbes, litigation can be nasty, brutish and long.  Many companies are fighting for their lives.  Others are investing enormous executive and capital resources.  Some may need infusions of capital to keep employees (key witnesses), to maintain critical IP (patent fees), and to expand in the face of losses caused by defendants.  Validity provides working capital to help our clients navigate the litigation storms.  Our working capital may be used for any purpose, strategic or tactical, whether or not Validity has funded fees and costs in the case.  Imagine office expansions, hiring of key professionals, research and development of products and penetration of new markets.  All are possible with Validity’s working capital solution.  Our return on working capital is contingent upon the success of the litigation.  It therefore does not dilute ownership or create new corporate debt.  Could there be a better investment for a company in legal trouble? We don’t know of any.

Why Validity?

Validity management has overseen dozens of funding investments.  No group knows more about the needs of corporate clients than we do.  More importantly, we care about our clients and their problems.  Where an infusion of capital can make a critical difference, we want to help.

Special Situations