Defense Funding

How Can We Help?

Most funders talk about defense funding.  At Validity, we have three distinct products that transfer risk on the defense side.  First, Hybrid Portfolios mix defense fees and costs with plaintiff cases to create an attractive risk sharing package for corporate clients and law firms.  Validity’s return comes exclusively from the plaintiff side.  Second, we have created Fixed Fee Protection, which allows law firms to take on defense matters on a pre-set fixed budget with the assurance that surprise or lengthy litigation costs will not undermine the firm’s carefully planned budget.  Third, we provide reverse contingency financing.  The client’s exposure must be certain and the success triggers reasonable.

Why Validity?

No other funder offers this unique array of innovative defense products.  At Validity, we pride ourselves on our ability to simplify and innovate.  Our focus is always helping clients solve problems.  Our management helped create the litigation funding industry in the US so its natural that we obsessively search for breakthrough products such as these.  Call us for more details.

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