Commercial Litigation

How Can We Help?

We finance business-to-business, commercial litigation.  If you have a meritorious legal claim but lack the funds to prosecute the case, or simply want to transfer the risk of the litigation to a party better equipped to hold it, we can help.  Use our financing to hire the best lawyers and experts in the country to vindicate your claim.  Or use funding to pay for litigation-related expenses besides fees.  In appropriate cases, use our working capital to expand or preserve your business operations.  We look at claims of any subject matter, in any industry, and in any US jurisdiction and international arbitration. Our financing is non-recourse.  Meaning if you lose your case, you owe Validity nothing.  If your case settles or you win a judgment, we are entitled to a fair return under our agreement with you.

Why Validity?

We exist to serve clients. Where other funders see legal assets, we see people, and we see businesses.  We provide unprecedented Client-First service, including full transparency into the funding process, and beyond.  We do not outsource our analysis of your case.  We are elite trial lawyers and we evaluate your claim as potential partners.  As a well-capitalized finance company, we have the ability to take and spread litigation risk.

We aim to be your partner from day one.

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