How Can We Help?

You’ve won a long, hard battle at trial.  Your judgment is on appeal.  You should prevail, but nothing in litigation is certain.  We can help.  Validity will “collar” your appeal risk by monetizing up to 25% of the judgment.  Meaning you receive a portion of your money judgment at closing, which can never be taken away.  If the judgment is reversed on appeal, you owe us nothing. If the judgment is affirmed on appeal, we are entitled to a fair recovery. Regardless of what happens, you have immediate certainty and security in the collar transaction. Contact us today to learn more.

Why Validity?

Validity’s trial lawyers have typically clerked for federal trial or appeals courts, sometimes both.  We understand the appellate decision-making process from the inside.  No other funder boosts as many elite former judicial clerks.  Or are poised to assist your counsel as needed on appeal.  In an uncertain world, Validity offers certainty and expertise.
We are here to help you move on with your business.

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