The Convergence of Asset Recovery and Litigation Funding

January 24, 2022

The Convergence of Asset Recovery and Litigation Funding: How Funders are Revisiting Legal and Collectability Risks

January 25, 2022 3:00pm

Collectability risk has become a major focus of litigation finance as a result of the pandemic induced financial crisis. As a result, collectability risk is being assessed as rigorously as legal risk, and many anticipate a corresponding growth in demand for asset recovery and enforcement funding. Join us as we talk through the newest methodologies for properly assessing collectability in the context of litigation funding, such as:

  • Determining who the key stakeholders are by looking at the profile and motivations of the main decision-makers
  • When claimants may be competing with other creditors over a limited pool of assets
  • Examining which assets the respondent may hold in jurisdictions that may or may not be amenable to enforcement; and to what extent the assets are leveraged
  • Finding out the nature and extent of any ongoing commercial operations of the respondent
  • Accounting for the proposed enforcement plan if no voluntary payments are made at the conclusion of the litigation or arbitration


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