Webinar: Risk Mitigation and Incentive Alignment for In-house Counsel Teams

June 11, 2020

Complimentary Webinar: Tuesday, June 23rd. 1pm-2pm

Speakers: Laina Hammond, Investment Manager & Joshua Libling, Portfolio Counsel, Validity Finance

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With COVID-19 dealing a body blow to many organization's operations and people, companies across industry, region, and size are facing or anticipating the need for litigation to protect the business interest they still control.

Among the many challenges facing in-house teams, one question to ask is: how can your legal department prepare for dispute management in the post-crisis business environment?

  1. Understand (and calculate) your litigation risk
  2. Think about litigation as an investment (whatever side of the v your company is on)
  3. Understand how litigation funding can be an option to help manage the bottom line

Litigation financiers Laina Hammond and Joshua Libling, both experienced trial litigators representing high-profile plaintiffs and defendants, will lead an interactive discussion to help in-house counsel understand what to expect and how to manage the internal incentives and financial obligations (and opportunities) inherent in litigation.

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