Why companies that fund commercial litigation are targeting Houston

October 15, 2018

Commercial litigation finance in the Lone Star State is here to stay as more litigants and law firms need help to manage costs and risks.

Anyone who has been a party to a lawsuit knows firsthand that litigation gets expensive in a hurry, especially if the case involves a complex, high-stakes commercial dispute.

Budget-busters include electronic discovery, annual rate increases and skyrocketing costs for experts. Case outcomes often come down to which side has deeper pockets and more money to spend, rather than which side’s case is meritorious. Even corporate legal
departments often let potential plaintiff claims lie fallow in order to avoid the impact on the company’s balance sheet

There’s a reason funding companies choose to open offices in Houston and it’s not an affinity for heat and humidity. This city was built on a grand tradition of wildcatting, entrepreneurship and innovation by Houstonians who appreciate the need to partner up and share serious risk.

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